Project Title : “Forest”

Typology: School / Educational Insitute

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Architects :Nuru Karim -Founder & Principal - Nudes

The “Forest” is the wining entry for an invited competition design for a school project sited in Pune, India. The design explores the relation between nature and pedagogy in dense urban settlements built on the foundations of “Grow”, “Learn”, “Reuse”, “Plant” and “Play”. Sited in Pune approximately 3 hours by road from Mumbai, the city has witnessed dramatic urban growth in the last decade. The project harbors 2 nos. “green” cylindrical volumes stitched by a rooftop “infinity” loop track. Each cylindrical volume represents the stage of phased construction with planned programmatic activities. The project explores the dynamics and logistics of a vibrant space for student centric interaction and learning. The “Green” skin can be serviced and maintained by a peripheral service track that is accessible from both landing and mid-landing levels on every floor by horticulturists.

Sited on a plot area of approx. 9000 SqM the school building occupies the front end of the rectangular linear plot to create open space for play and sport towards the rear.
The space occupied by the footprint on the ground has been compensated by the “8” loop on the rooftop. The “loop” has been designed as a bi-cycle track for a city starved for pedestrian walkways and cycling tracks. In addition, the “loop” can also be used for non-programmatic activities, workshops, student exhibitions, student led markets and recreation.
In addition, the project features are as follows; (1) Hands-on learning (2) Green learning opportunities (3) Networked communities (4) Experimental learning (5) Improvement in Air Quality and Student Health (6) Passive Cooling (7) Sensitivity towards Climate Change and Global Warming (8) Social Responsibility
The entire built-up construction of the school is approximately 11,600 SqM and houses learning environments from Early Childhood Education to Grade XII.



Typology: School / Educational Building
Plot area : 9000 Sqm
BuiltUp Area : 11,600 Sqm
Location : Pune, India

nuru karim (founder & design principal NUDES), aditya jain, salai vv, jenish merchant, supriya dubey, gaurav dhole, a aravind


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