This study is the result of the Jahra Development Initiative
This study was launched based on the role of the Municipal Council in urban development and the development of a study of the Jahra area and its history and an important center for Kuwait.
The name Jahra derives from the collapse of water when digging wells of that area, as it was characterized by Jahra farms and palms.
Many historians have stated that Jahra and Kazma are the names of one place, but the name has changed over the past years, to stabilize and prove the name of Jahra to the present and the Jahra in the language is a plain plain land. Helps to raise cattle and Aljharah strategic location where in the past was a road for convoys and armies and all the desert movements, because of the presence of many water wells and was mentioned by a German traveler when he visited the Gulf in 1765 and pointed to the place by saying "Jahra ruins" and on its land T is exposed in the famous Jahra KE 1920.

Al-Jahra has a strategic location where in the past it was a road for convoys, armies and all desert movements, because there are many water wells in it. One of the German travelers mentioned it when he visited the Gulf in 1765. He pointed to the place by saying "Jahra ruins".
The vision for the development of Jahra and the surrounding area is in line with the history of urban development in Kuwait.  And a comprehensive vision for sustainable urban development  Which reinforces Kuwait's 2035 vision
New Kuwait This project also helps create job opportunities for young people The initiative comes with a development vision for Al Jahra and is characterized by a mixed nature that combines the different aspects of life such as housing, work and entertainment in an integrated and modern urban environment that meets the needs of both citizens and residents.
Kathema project consists of several new development projects for Jahra Governorate which include 12 stages.



-history of aljahraa city
-Population density
-type of land
-roads and tracks
-building type
-future of projects
-important of location

mizyad almutairi
Kathma project youtube site


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