This fun, quirky, posh and glamorous makeup studio located in New Delhi has been a very fun and exhilarating design experience for the team. The space designed takes you on a journey comprising of a homogeneous mix of colors and finishes that glide from a monochrome black and white flooring to a bright red accent sofa in the shape of lips.
Objective was to create  a unique design and atmosphere to set it apart from rest. Moreover, the kind of clientele client want to focus on and the services they offer, was to be considered. Keeping in mind the difference in equipment and space a makeup-studio needs.
The main issue was to make the most of the available space, creating the right look within the allocated space. The layout should allow sufficient workspace. Each workstation or unit should have proper spacing between them. It should provide a comfortable space for the stylist to work. Moreover, locating workstations in a way that they do not create an overcrowded space was often a big challenge.
Beauty, makeup and color is like finishing touch on everything just like the gleaming gold arches derived from the makeup artist logo add that finishing touch. The layering of mirrors set in these arches create depth and drama. Adding to it the choices on dramatic furniture with alluring majestic floral chandelier and beige colored walls, the space oozes of drama and carefully articulated accents.



Area- 275 sq/ft

Udaai Batra, Sushwant Dhanda, Saurav.