The space is located at the 35th floor of a residential building in the residential area of Kaohsiung City. Because of the surrounded view of mountain and sea, large windows are used to develop the great continuity of spaces. The scale of the public space is extremely enlarged on purpose, and the management of color and conversion of materials are applied as the division of spaces to make the spaces as the continuity of close view and far view.
The endless view of the city is the extension of public space, and it is the original idea of the design. In microcosm of the city, the coordination of life style between people and spaces can be seen. Public space occupies most of the design to make the coordination with the environment of the building obvious. Through the continuous white frame design, the vertical and horizontal visual extension in the spaces has been developed. Different types of furniture are applied to demonstrate the usage of the space, and the indoor life behavior is displayed as well.
Living room is a conversion space between public space and bed room. It offers a private space for family interaction. The design is extended based on white color design of public space; however, it highlights the spatial cohesion through geometric segmentation.The bedroom is designed to make main functions gathered at the center of the space by circular shape of plane planning. A lot of natural materials are used to make natural sunshine shoots on these vertical walls, and every natural material obtains its change of light and shadow. The vertical lines make the extension of space and the space quality of warm and stability.



We pay more attention on making space stable when creating the quality of the space to make space and life pattern coordinated.

Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

COCY-The cornerstone of the city by Keng-Fu Lo in Taiwan won the WA Award Cycle 34. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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