It was a Scandinavian style that inspired the designers of these condos on the outskirts of Budapest, thanks in part to the surrounding natural area of the Buda Hills, part of the Buda Landscape Protection Area. It is planned for construction on the northern slope of the land that will bathe the structure in light from early morning through to late afternoon, bringing with it a panoramic view that is unparalleled. As a result of its design, the interior of the building itself will act as an architectural clock by marking the movement of the sun. The condos remind us to a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, their clean yet spectacular form offering up an underlying childlike naivety to the building.

A sense of openness and transparency was a crucial part of the building, aiming to create a space that helped facilitate communication among its inhabitants and guests. Because of this transparency, the boundary between the natural and the man-made is blurred, with the grand mountainside view paired with huge glass windows that help viewers to feel as though the surrounding forest is a part of the interior. It's this adoration of the landscape that ensured the building was constructed with minimal impact and destruction, with additional trees planted to help sustain the environment.

This closeness to the natural is an element that has driven even the smallest aspects of the structure, such as the intense green roofs that further enhance this proximity. While inhabitants can access their own apartments through the garage and accompanying elevator from the street level, by taking the stairs they can almost feel their way through the forest. It is a structure shaped by its embedded position within a protected natural environment.



Istvan Benyei, Gyorgy Hoffmann, Zsuzsanna Czinkoczki


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