Concept Of Energy Bowl

Where is the boundary of future architecture?

Will future buildings bring different energy to people? We can feel the energy that the unknown brings us from the vast universe. Before we started living in the house, people actually have the close relationship with nature. We hope future architecture can better connect people and nature through technology, so that people who live in the future can get more emotional energy transmission within the building itself.
So our concept of this project called energy bowl.

At the beginning of this project, we aim to create a building which is the part of landscape. What is the exciting thing about this competition is that it is the conversation between two cities, which are Shanghai and Chengdu, the collision of different perspectives and cultural exchanges. We strive to combine different geographical contexts and cultures of two cities to create a conversational building. The unique geomorphological features of Sichuan Basin shape a relatively isolated spatial form of Chengdu. While Shanghai has formed its own character because of the river civilization and influence, so we hope we can make form generated from shanghai culture to create an experience of flowing space. This spatial experience comes from enclosing the space in a flowing form, creating a feeling that is both free and enclosed.

Such a dynamic closed building combines the different culture background and context of two cities in a dialogue. We hope that it is a building with a sense of breathing, and it can build up closer interaction between nature and technology. People can also get energy from the process of using or feeling this building. It is an architecture that can trigger people’s different emotional experiences, whether people are moving or still.



Site Area: 26660sqm
Gross Floor Area: 1500sqm

Partners in Charge: Darcy Chang, Stanley Chuang, Rachael Ouyang
Design Team: Tianye Zhou, Yijun Cheng, Jinwen Shanguan, Sam Sun

Sichuan International Creative Design Campus Community Center-Energy Bowl by BEHIVE Architects in China won the WA Award Cycle 32. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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