* Invited competition -1st. Prize

The factory area, the subject of the project, was built in 1955 and has been abandoned today after long years of operation. The factory land located between two SEKA park areas allows a narrow passage between the two areas. Although this narrow passage provides a physical connection, the area is a psychological barrier between two parks. This situation was reflected in the design of the two parks and the wide recreation areas were ended with a hill while approaching the Mannesman factory.
With the project, the Mannesman factory was transformed into a public cultural space, and these two peaks were connected to each other, resulting in a larger public space, merging two parks. With the re-functioning of the Mannesman factory, the entire coast has been re-programmed. Today, with new cultural park missing part has been added to the coastal band, which mainly includes outdoor and indoor activities.



Location : Kocaeli-Turkey
Built Date : 2017 - Ongoing
Client : Kocaeli Municipality
Covered Area : 15.000 m2

Architectural Design : Ahmet Mucip Ürger, Ali Özer, Seda Gecü, Sinan Günay, Elif Düzel, Uğur Sarışen, İsmer Güngör
Project Team : Ahmet Mucip Ürger, Ali Özer, Gökçe Ejder, Tuğba Kayaköy Ercan Koca, Mustafa Tekin

Structural Engineering: Erduman Engineering
Mechanical Engineering: Trifaz Engineering
Electrical Engineering: Metta Engineering
Landscape Design: Özer/Ürger Architects
Consultant: Erdem Özlü (İDEArc), Cüneyt Kurtay