In a classroom, we make friends, we share food, we keep our promises, we apologize and forgive, we learn, we laugh often and most importantly, we belong. This rooftop eatery presents the essence of your classroom with a tang. Beneath the translucent pyramidal roof of the enclosed restaurant space, hangs a chandelier at the centre top. The truss roof creates a single large space which during the day time, uses natural light to light up the space and makes the golden chandelier sparkle. Subtle brown circular graphic prints are arranged in a grid to decorate the flooring.



The space underneath the stairs is utilized for keeping plants in edgy geometrical pots. The adjacent wall is decorated with daily special menu, drawn under columns of each day in a grid. This menu grid in accordance with the classroom theme, made of writing slates used by children in primary schools. The bar has stools on one side and adjoining tables at the other side. Ferns are revealed from the slab space between the upper seating and the bar and looks sandwiched between the two. These hanging leaves provide a cool look to the place. The bar wall has exposed brick work with framed pictures of food drawn by children and a stripe that reads higher secondary school in Hindi. The use of both major languages namely, Hindi and English as design elements has been seen throughout the restaurant to make it relatable for all. The top area has wooden benches like the once in schools. The flattery sound of the above net decorated with fairy lights at night makes it a dreamy place to sit and experience wonderful moments worth capturing.

Principal Architect: AkshaySelukar
Credits: City Bhopal, MP
Client: Mr.Bhupesh Rathi
Completion Date: September 2018
Gross Floor Area (MQ): 4000
Design Team: H and A Consultants
Photo Credits- Sameer Chawda