I have decided to create a project in Tianeti, Georgia, because there is no school for children in this district. Residents of the area have to walk many miles to other cities in cold and bad weather daily. They have told me that this is a great difficulty for them and they do not have the conditions to receive a quality education. Moreover, there is a transportation problem, which makes it even more difficult for them to move to other areas every day to study and return home in the evening. Because of this, my idea was to create an environment for children living in Tianeti and villages around it to get a high-quality education and so that they do not have to cover kilometers to go to schools. I decided to design a school internship that would be a fun environment for students to learn and live in without having to travel many miles. They will have the opportunity to play in the green yard, swim in the pool, dance in the ballroom, use the library, use computer technology, have access to the modern technologies and most importantly get high quality education.



Boarding school is a two-storey building designed for 140 children.
The entrance to the building is on the first floor where the two floors are combined. A man can see a glass roof from the hall.
The school is designed for pupils from 1 to 8 grades. On the first floor there are four classrooms, and on the other eight. On the firs floor classrooms belong to one to four garades for pupils and the other is from five to eight grades.
The school has a three-storey residential building, wich is located in isolation and is interrupted by the bridge.

Site area 2 HA

Total floor area 1660 ㎡

Giorgi Modebadze (solo project)