Located in the Old Town district of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, steeped in History culture, a small area known as Hoa Vien has always been an attraction for visitors during the French - Indochina era, where Vietnamese art deco was prevalent. The investor approached us with a simple request – “a hotel with special and unique experience”.

With this in mind, our approach was to consider a boutique, mid to high end hotel experience which is built in an area which is ever-evolving on its surface, yet at its core, holds so much cultural value that travelers are drawn to the area to experience what Vietnam was hundreds of years ago.

The Luro Travel Lodge celebrates the history and lore of the old city with its design, with the visitor’s experience drawing on the art deco style of the time. While the interior, with its vibrant colours, attention to details and lush textures of old easily brings each visitor back to the late 1700’s, the modern style exterior stands out in such a way that within its context, one would not expect such a contrast between the architectures interior and exterior, seemly intensifying the ‘wow factor’ upon entry.



Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Function: Hotel 200 keys
Site area: 1116 sqm
CFA: 8119 sqm

Ismael Gulser Belmonte
Nguyen Thi Hoang Giang
Diego Maltesi
Ziad Ghosn
Vo Duy Vang