Incorporating a premium ambiance inside and an Eden feel outside, ‘WE’ is designed with an emphasis on the fact that ‘there is something for everyone’. Located at the iconic Qutub Hotel in Delhi, this sumptuous cafe-bar designed by Chromed Design Studio, spread over a span of 6000 Sq ft grants its patrons a rare multiple bar experience. The expanse has been contrived with interiors that utilize lighting as a key facet, accentuating the design contours, forming a perfect harmonic match with its lyrical notes.

Ar. Abhigyan Neogi has outlined this palatial domain with a combination of bold wine and gold accents boasting of its contemporary sophistication. The design team has created a regal environment with unusual quirky twists, colorful streaks in a gold-toned theme, metamorphosing the name of the project through artistic intricacies.

The client brief mentions the need to create different outlooks for every genre rendezvous. The client desired an ambiance with both nirvana and exuberance reflected through a dominant yet subtle design palette.

As per the client's requirement, the outdoor space at the inception is presented through the fusion of a muted milieu of vibrant furnishings and distinct flooring, creating a groovy contrast. The design scheme of this outdoor space caters to the psychological needs of its patrons, portraying a tranquil environment through enveloping planters and cobbled flooring. The boundary here is defined with corrugated sheets where lights brighten the space.



Entering inside the bar space, one notices an amalgamation of modern & classical elements with seating elements in striped patterns and bright color furniture configurations, respectively. Low key lighting accentuates the focal attributes of wainscotting and upholstery, bringing in the spirit of a snug habitat.

The artistic bar zone is differentiated from the unrestrained lounge areas by its vibrant back-lit display, serving its users a tangy cocktail experience. The showstopper of the composition is the ‘island bar’ clouded with suspended globe lights falling up and down, granting a cloud effect. Wainscoting is done on the bar facia grants the bar space a sturdy yet elegant look.

Leading up to the terrace, one discovers an offbeat theme narrating the story of a distinct land. The terrace provides an arcadian ambiance with features like cobbled flooring and planters all around. The sphere constitutes of open seating options and a luxurious private lounge bestowing a stark contrast with grey terrazzo and wooden floor deck. Intelligently assimilated sky lanterns brighten up the soul of the terrace, imparting an unusual persona to the sphere. This terrace succinctly narrates serenity for its audience with its classic yet contemporary elements that provide a posh and clandestine experience, which is rarely found at a place like Delhi.

The design of the WE-QUTUB is a sheer corollary of plethoric compositional styles ranging from being upbeat & naïve to posing for sophisticated opulence. Space plays with the idea of traditional bars and induces an individual to savour it again.

Abhigyan Neogi, Muskan Kapoor, Aditi Grover, Dhruv, Deep