A big chunk of our life goes inside a workplace, so the whole conceptual idea which eventually came into being, was saturated with functionality and feel good environment. This efficient design in turn helped to accommodate spaces envisioned, both singular and diverse, connected yet separated and synchronized to allow the simplicity and diversity to co-exist. The core theme in terms of forms & colors got embraced in the design elements extracted from the tenant’s logo.



In a pursuit of bright & lively corporate working environment, the entrance zone has been kept white and minimal. Cabins are designed with concrete texture wall and simple desks to keep them symbolic so that these spaces are flexible according to the user. Having vivid panels inspired from the corporate color scheme in meeting pods helps to keep the space vibrant and acoustically insulated. Triangulated patterns came out as the primary inspiration for the ceiling design and feature walls while efficient lighting does the work of the final finish to initiate the diligence among the workforce.
To attain a visual collaboration through zoning, the passage clears into a bright and white reception foyer, diffused around the vibrant meeting pods and unhindered conference room. The formally designated open work studio composition is provided in buffer with the casual meeting pods, aiding to the movement amongst workforce. The cabin for high power individuals are kept private yet not disconnected in a way, blending with the overall layout.
Textures incorporated are exposed in nature without any ornamentation. Material palette includes concrete rope tiles blended with rough cut exposed veneer, augmenting the concrete ceilings and full height curved glass partitions, enhancing the volume of the whole space. An equilibrium in color palette is achieved through the use of calm white & grey along with vibrant red and blue. This space designed by Urban Zen paves a way to achieve an efficient & proactive workspace through raw, affordable and minimalist approach.

Rohit Suraj,