The Poet is a single house that is designed in such a way as to be able to adjust the needs of users, in addition to meeting primary needs such as the availability of sufficient space, this house has initiated the emotional needs of humans in interacting and binding with each other. The limited land is not a problem for the design architect to provide good space requirements. Basically, this house prioritizes semiotic aspects that can affect humans indirectly. When we enter this building it looks like the building looks wide by applying squences that can become a storyline for the people who visit it. This house is a single house archetype with a very high value of simplicity but has values both aesthetically, functionally and comfortably.



Mr Putu has an empty land of 8.6 x 11 m at this location will build a 2-storey house with buildings and sophisticated natural lighting. The zoning space needed is as follows,

1st floor:
- Guest Room
- Main Bed + Inner Bathroom
- Child Sleep R.
- Bathroom (shower)
- Kitchen
- Services Area (Washing + Drying)
- Backyard
- Carport

2nd Floor:
- 3 Child Sleep
- Bathroom (using shower)
- Lounge
- 1 Maid Room

Reference Style: Modern Minimalism

Architect In Charge: Ridwan Maulana Frihadijaya