Libraries continue to be a solid part of our cultural and social life regardless the fact that the world is going towards an increasingly digital world. Particularly, the university libraries are structures that represent the identity and culture of the university campus as important generators and platforms where the academic environment, culture and life itself blend together.

The Emin Çetinceviz Central Library of Ordu University is designed not only as a mere building but at the same time as an architectural element that enriches the socio-cultural life of the campus.

While designing the library , it is aimed to create a flexible relationship between main spaces of the library: periodicals, book halls, study rooms and the circulation. Periodicals, media-tech and stationery spaces were placed on the ground floor so they would be easily accessible whereas book halls and study rooms and spaces where students would spend longer time placed on the first floor. The vertical circulation is set up as a public stairs designed like a small amphi which is also the main element that unites all those spaces and increases the social interactions between students.

The mass effect of the structure was shaped as a result of the relation between the indoor spaces. The current periodicals and cafes were designed as intertwined spaces, and along with the mass movement, it is aimed to define a semi-open space. The same mass movement also defines the front entrance of the building.

In order to increase the efficiency of the reading and working areas, the subject of light has been taken into serious consideration. The controlled access of natural light is provided through the human-scaled windows. The facade solid-void relationship puts forward the buildings mass' understanding.

Contrary to the perception of libraries withering away, it is aimed to build a modern library that fits the exact center of the campus life and become a part of the academic study culture.

In this case, the building, donated to Ordu University by Çetinceviz Family, is a hopeful and initiator project in regard to its modern architectural style and integrated design from decoration to technologic systems.



Architectural Design and Drawing Team: Orçun Ersan, Nilgün Deniz, Uğur Furtana, Gerta Ajazi, Esra Bor, Sedef Yıldız