This project aim is to achieve and create a new gathering point that inform, inspires and activate the visitors about the nature feature in NW of KSA that idea setting for the narrative about nature experience in unique surrounding, and it also will create aspirational society and to become an experiential space and a part of community.
There are many of al-lawz trees in this mountain and these trees were people planted in their farms to know and determine the period of crops, and also from tree leafs they know the time of winds. This tree is strong and can live in summer and winter.
In entrance hall, there will be AL-Lawz tree in middle to show the value of this tree and know the visitors how nature elements were help people in early ancient.
This project is using the natural terrain to reach the idea that the building grows in conformity with the mountain.
The most important space in the museum are exhibition halls. The exhibition halls will be design to provide each of halls will accommodate unique nature exhibits, and they are hierarchy organize and connected with circulation system that reflects the mountain scape in horizontal and vertical dimension.
There will be gathering point in each level with panoramic view because the nature view is a part of art. In this gathering point people can see the nature and socialize.
After the visitors end of exhibition halls, they will find café with an outdoor terrace platform looking to the nature.
The form of this project has a special expression and character that inspire directly from nature elements which will make the building blend from its surroundings.
The lawz trees is part of project context and unique rocks formation, so the form will reflect these contexts.
The sharp angles in form present the strength rocks and white strips present trees branches.

*Sustainability concept:
- social
The building will be design to integrate with nature to create an amazing experience for visitors and to increase their knowledge about the nature feature specially in NW of KSA. The people will move free within nature element such as moving inside mountain.

- Economical
This project never seen in KSA, and it will attract many visitors that help to increase the economy in KSA. Using local materials to reduce

- Environmental
The long direction of the building facing north to avoid direct sun rays and benefit of winds came from NW because there will be outdoor space facing north and NW direction (terraces).



Haya alqahtani