Among those same mountains in Chon Buri, a two-storey storage building – rectangular in shape and 80 metres long – rests on the bed of a pond that’s been dry for two decades. It was intentionally built subsurface so it wouldn’t block views of the lovely landscape and closer-by nature.

Only the roof of metal sheeting can be seen on the approach. Once near, the enclosing earthen wall becomes apparent.

Inside, ground-floor storage rooms are large enough to hold the great many items donated to the temple. Upstairs is minimalist accommodation for meditation practitioners who go to the temple on retreats, in rooms designed to be practical and well ventilated. To safeguard the occupants’ privacy, the storage area and accommodations have separate entrances.

Abbot Luang Por Mahatong Thammawuttho didn’t want the building intruding on nature, but rather enhancing it. He wanted mainly local materials and expertise used, too, and in fact some portions are made of stones collected around the temple grounds. The metal and plasterboard was also acquired locally.

The abbot’s compassionate concept has been integrated in a building that marries function to emotion.



​Client : Wat Pa Watchira Banpot

Location : Wat Pa Watchira Banpot, Chonburi Province, Thailand

Status : Completed

Project Area : 800 sqm.

Architect : Suriya Umpansiriratana

Project Team : Walllasia

Structure Engineer :

Soonthorn Keatkongsak, Patcharathorn Kampimool