Yai Sa is the symbol of love and awaiting. She has been waiting for someone she loves who has been leaving her to search for the ultimate truth and promise her, he will return to her when he finds it. Everyday, she stands at this same point waiting for him.

What is the ultimate truth? And where it is? Is it extrinsic? Or is it already has in our mind? Which is love, mercy, change, death, emptiness, or oneness.

No Sunrise No Sunset because the sun doesn't move but the world is spinning by itself. We see the world as the way we want so the world is like the way we are. Since we see the world as the way it is, we will see beauty and virtue of its nature.

This project is a life-specific represents the parallel world between the ultimate truth world and illusional world. It is also create the awareness of the condition of timeless moment and non self attached. That is a connection between inner and outer space (subjective and objective), you and me.

Kamin Lertchaiprasert

22 November 2017



Artists :

Kamin Lertchaiprasert, Suriya Umpansiriratana

Location : Ao Nang Beach, Krabi Province, Thailand

Status : Completed

Project Area : 50 sqm.

Structural Engineer : Sathaporn Sirilim

Manufacturers :

3Kor Architect and Construction by Korawit Srisuksomwong project

Co-Ordinator : Krit Jiwanantaprawat at ZEA.ARCHITECT

Supporter :

Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture

Photographer : Spaceshift Studio / Pirak Anurakyawachon