In the office areas, columns, beams, and undersides of timber slabs are left exposed and structure the interior design. The wooden elements infuse the interior workspaces with a warm and contemporary atmosphere while also enabling users to grasp the function of these exposed assemblages quickly.

The use of wood offers a considerable advantage for meeting the growing demand for office space in this district. Also, wood interiors reflect the tastes of investors and digital economy companies settled in the area owing to their highly sought-after ambiances and environmental aesthetics so appreciated for new ways of working.

We use common elements in traditional architecture such as this line, round corner, and removable window to design a building.

As for indoor space, we want to express the beauty of architecture through five human senses.

Opting for wood furniture brings comfort and a natural feeling. All furniture was designed internally by the crew and done in marine plywood, an uncoated ecological wood, which in this cases received a layer of varnish to help with maintenance and durability. The cabinets’ design feature hole in different sizes, eliminating the need for knobs.

The design pays more attention to the relationship between people, nature, and space, and it’s an atmosphere, not the physical sense of space itself. Designers strive to reflect what people experience in the area and dialogue with nature.

The exposed pipes minimize the impact of the renovation by generating less rubble and also frees the ceiling to show the concrete slab, which was one of the original premises. A cement coating was applied to the few existing walls and the floor. The idea behind keeping the walls, floor and ceiling in the same color

Immediately, I thought of scattering the various office environments included in the plan across space. Since in every new firm the idea is to mingle and nurture encounters, rather than segregating, this gave rise to the concept of multiple transparent areas, with a shared socializing space