A new horizon, a settlement and a new safe home for humans to live, work and explore. To be accomplished by an ambitious nation that strives to know and learn more.

For humankind to act as one hand helping each other for reaching beyond the sky.

This project aims to be a lighthouse of the galaxy. A place for guiding the weary traveler to his home. To guid and illuminate a new path for humankind.

This project aims to reach a design of a suitable settlement that can support a safe daily human life in an extreme environment location.

The timeline of the Mars journey includes sending humans to our neighboring planet during the 2024 according to SpaceX or during the 2030 according to NASA.



Design Concept:
Provoked from Mars itself and its natural resources. The main shell is inspired from the sand dunes that are generated by the wind movement.

This main shell will be the engulfing and protecting the habitable units inside it.

The colony will include all needed facilities for humans to live. These facilities are designed for 28 crew members, and it will include:

Zone 1: Living Quarters
(sleeping area, hygiene, office, kitchenette, laundry/storage room, living room).

Zone 2 : Social Area
(Multipurpose Unit, Dinning Unit).

Zone 3 : Health Area
(Gym Unit, Medical Unit).

Zone 4 : Working area
(Greenhouse, Laboratory, Command Unit).

Zone 5 : Utilities
(Life support systems Units, Storage Unit, Vehicles Garage Unit, Power Plant, Landing Site).

Site Considerations:
- The site need to have enough surface exposure to provide solar energy for solar panels.
- The habitat area must be located within 5 km from landing site.
- The habitat should be located on a 50 sqkm region of flat and stable terrain or gentle slopes and soft terrain for construction.
- Site must have access/near to water source.

Chosen Site Information:
- Name: Mawrth Vallis
- Northernmost Latitude: 26.12 °
- Southernmost Latitude: 18.78 °
- Easternmost Longitude: 346.63 °
- Westernmost Longitude: 340.21 °
- Diameter: 634.63 KM
- Center Latitude: 22.43 °
- Center Longitude: 343.03 °
- Type: Vallis, valles

Site Advantages:
- Hazard-free landing zone next to an ancient channel valley created by floods.
- cliffs are rich with claythat can be used for ISRU purposes.
- Northern site (receives more solar energy) minimizes required mass of the energy storage subsystem.
- Availability of regolith for building.
- The location provides the opportunity to understand the potential for early habitability on the planet.

Manal Alamoudi
Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Fekry El-Gendy


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