One of the most important achievements of Iranian architecture is creating a pleasant environment according to the climate, history, and culture. This project is designed for people and their cultural needs that have roots in their history. We try to design a building that focuses on architecture characteristic and urbanism context by using the cultural, continental and geographical characteristic of the area. The most challenging part of the project was the design site that has two precious walnut trees in the middle of the site area so in the design process we tried to preserve these trees and use them as the strong potential to create unique spaces. This Contemporary villa can be described as a project that it’s design process based on human views and making different points of view in order to increase the quality of human relationship with nature and his environment.
In Two Tree project by focusing on local architecture and mixing it with modern architecture, we tried to renovate the identity of Iranian architecture by creating courtyard to have a green view (two walnut trees) from various sides beside having natural light. The glassy bridge connects two important part of the house that has a direct view of the courtyard and two preserved trees. In addition, beside these green views, designing a roof garden helped us to increase the human relationship with people surrounding environment.



Architect :Ahmad Saffar
Design Team: Marzieh Estedadi, Navid Shokravi, Parastoo Skandari, Bahar Mesbah, Niloofar Oji, Ghazaleh Eydi, Nasim Sadeghpour

Two Tree by Ahmad Saffar in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 31. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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