Didang Lake No.1 Exhibition Center is located in Didanghu Park, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing, with a gross floor area of approximately 560 square meters.
As a multi-purpose exhibition center, architects try every possible means to keep and mix oriental elements of rain, cloud, mist, tree, blank, reflection, lake, bridge and pavilion, adopt minimalist design strategy to fit in with cultural context of the site and seek a sense of identity and belonging.
The three-dimensional design of the exhibition center is the biggest highlight, as it improves across-time-and-space experiences of living on an island, and unique natural elements of the site are utilized to create a modern minimalist lifestyle out of bridge, water, virtual-actual setting, courtyard beyond the window and stone shadows.
Unlike other architectural designs, the exhibition center exists in a humble way. Walls on different floors are interwoven, enclosed and arranged in staggered order to construct a flowing space. The “spinning” wall of the main façade on the first floor is at the entrance, making more natural sights interact with interior environment. Two functional boxes on the first floor support the suspending block on the second floor, creating a minimalist architectural look. Versatile grey spaces and even more quiet and open ones are built among building blocks.
Upon ascent to the balcony from the room on the second floor, you can enjoy a 270° view: bridge, water, green tree, walkers, light and shadow on Didang Lake can all be seen through glass. Architectural spaces are deconstructed to make two spaces overlap for dramatic effect.
Retro style is added to creative design. Copper louver instead of bamboo louver is used along with glass curtain wall to complement lake water. Handmade striped decorative panels are used for the main wall alongside with single silver glass curtain wall to make the building “hidden” when light varies from time to time.
Building seeks a return to human nature, so do the soul and space. Architects pay attention to the relationships between building and human, building and nature in the design process of Didang Lake No.1 Exhibition Center in Shaoxing, which delivers an indescribable sense of peace. The quiet beauty gives rise to pleasant rhythms in spaces and evokes thoughts about good life.



Gross floor area:560 square meters

Design team: Jiefeng Yang, Dong Li


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