All you see is green. There has been no sign of people for a long time now. In the background, there seems to lay a lake, perhaps a volcano. You can hear the noise of the wind on the creepers, quacking of ducks and birds that fly over the place. From the middle of nowhere emerges a simple volume that blends with its surrounding and roots down the ground itself. It is almost dark, and you can only see atoms of light scattering across the landscape. They may be houses, there may be people. Or is just nature?

Aiming for a minimal impact on the landscape, respecting the doable construction area and taking advantage of the existing terrain section, the proposal is based on a linear block that contains public and host spaces, being itself a promenade from the entrance to highest observation location the site, the terrace.

Four types of adaptable and movable modules suitable for different types of use are proposed. During the day, they should be parked and charged into the loading dock until their users choose a rightful configuration for their space missions. Allowing the displacement in all directions and on rough paths while, at the same time, having minimum impact on the raw environment.



Eftalia Proios Torras
Carla Romagosa Giros
Catarina Oom de Sousa