Designing a residential complex on the basis of functions and meeting standards of designing in Iran were the major goals of this project. Another aim of designing a residential complex is to consider the presence of residents. A place in which people could interact with each other and idle away the hours were my major concerns. What I did as one of the main points was to design the main path around the site on which residents are able to socialise with each other. Additionally, I assigned a cyclists’ path around it in such a way that it can comprise all people with different activities; a place where there is no trace of cars, instead, people and natural elements like trees and water ensuring us for sensing the atmosphere of people's activities. The considered site lies in Qazvin.

In designing blocks, I tried to achieve the same aim as designing the landscape—a place where people can interact together. Speaking of the design process of the blocks, a geometric shape was considered at first, because of the restricted and simple steel structure already available in the area. Then, in order for improving the skyline and taking advantage of sunlight as well as preventing units from being over-shaded, I took some parts away. In the next step, I considered roof gardens in order to get closer to my chief objective which was enhancing communication between people, both inside and outside of the blocks.

To break the monotony of the facades, I benefitted from boards on them. I also planned outdoor public space in each floor in such a way that it facilitates the means of communication. In the last step, I intended natural elements such as grass and plants in the public space of the blocks in order to make inhabitants have a friendly relationship with nature as if it is immersed in their lives. The green space accounts for approximately 40% of the whole site, so I tried to emphasise this concept in the design process of the blocks.

In the stage of designing facades, I decided to make use of two layers of glass in order to insulate the blocks against heat loss and sound and to utilise thermowood whose details are shown below.