"The ultimate goal of business is to benefit, income can bring prosperity, but benefit itself is not life prosperity. The prosperity of life comes from new experiences, including new environment, new problems, new observations and new opportunities that are inspired and shared with others." Edmund Phelps

This is a space combines office, leisure, presentation, and conferencing functions. The owner of the space, who is engaged in small investment work with capital developments in many fields, hopes to create a simple, elegant and comfortable space that can reflect the nature of his work and show how they normally work in daily life. For two separate offices, the longitudinal central passage, with the wall wide and open, will be divided into four parts. Four large-scale flat stone tables and fixed sofas fulfill the diverse functional needs of the owners.

The designer marked the entire wall with light ocher and distributed the separated parts to different levels of the office vertically. The largest sized main wall in the middle area metaphorizing for the image of gables, windows and doors on the facade, not only obscured the sense of interior and exterior flexibility but also embodies the nature of the design and properties of the inward construction.

Different layers of frosted glass and light ocher wall parts were pieced together into a complete rectangular wall with the same materials in order to maintain the integrity, at the same time to obstruct southerly sunshine. With central rotating mirror door and mirrored stainless steels frame, the space can reflect lights and lines of sights from different angles, and also improved natural light for deeper parts of the office. In all, it brought experimental characteristic stimulants into the former solidified space and enhanced brightness for the environment. This space tried to encourage the users to a state of mild discomfort, by allowing any vivid activities at any time, to gain an emotional tension to feel and experience inner prosperity.

It is a certain intermediary between the users and indoor environment. Materials in the room are mutually contrasted on as well as dependent on each other to make their proper positions. According to proper existence, there is no limits in design definitions, the best is obtained. By multi-scale mirror effects, people who come in here and look at the others could examine themselves by watching, working, meeting while coexisting with their own doubts.



project video link: https://youtu.be/e2WfpyTKeDE

(Lane House project submitted video link: https://youtu.be/nFnGVzH4G54)

Nolan Chao, Zhang Na, Kristen Lau, Zhang Xu