The building is a mixture of contemporary design and regional accents such as the hand carved stones that make up most of the walls of the bottom part of the building. The outer walls on the east and west side of the building extend beyond the limits of the upper floor, making a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor areas.

The building is split into two areas connected on by a double height lobby which acts as the central access point for the entire building providing access to all levels of the house. On the upper level, the two parts are connected through a bridge.

All the rooms are granted views of the unending blue of the sea and the Bay of Palma through large sliding windows that double as doors thus not interrupting the clean flowing design that runs throughout the whole house.

The flow between outdoor and indoor is emphasised by the presence of water features throughout the ground level: A pond that stretches from the main access gate to the front door, a waterfall that covers a hand carved stone wall in the double height area (lobby), and part of the ceiling of the bodega which is in the basement level, is made out of glass that looks into the waterfall’s pool.