Interior design of Informatics Valley, which will be one of the biggest technoparks in Turkey when it is completed, has been designed by OSO Architecture with an approach that integrated with architecture and technology.

Informatics Valley is one of the largest technopark campus in Turkey within 1 million 500 thousand sqm. closed area in Muallimköy Gebze – İzmit. This complex will be hosting 5.000 research development companies in where has got also lots of different functional buildings such as offices, innovation & incubator centers, hotel and congress center, social activities, sport and commercial center.

OSO Architecture has still been working for the interior design of this complex. Accordingly the interior design management and construction supervision services has been given under the different space categories such as administrative entrance floor, exhibition hall, management office, incubator center, data center, corridors, common spaces and so on…

The main purpose of the complex within the whole buildings is to support and encourage the development of new technologies. Accordingly the main concept of OSO Architecture’s projects was determined to use and emphasize the integration of technology into the interior spaces.

Main purpose of OSO Architecture on this point was to give a feeling to all users that the whole interior ambiances are related to the technology. In order to achieve this result, the whole spaces were designed as having a contemporary and dynamic forms within using the new and modern materials and also using the new technologies. So the robotic arms, hologram, interactive led screens, computer coding language were used as design items which also help to dominate the inner ambiance. After all, the integrity of technology and interior space has been succeeded within this project.



Project Name: Informatics Valley
Place: Muallimkoy / Izmit - Turkey
Client: Bilisim Vadisi
Architectural company: OSO Architecture
Project Date: 2017 - Ongoing
Photos: OSO Architecture

Design Team: Ozan Bayik / Serhan Bayik / Okan Bayik / Erkan Cecen / B. Bahar Cicekci / Murat Luleci / Kubra Demirtuna