“ I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh.
A creative work space has to be impulsive, inspiring and relevant congruently. This 6000 sq.ft. office space, designed in the heart of Mumbai, is created to reflect an essentially collaborative work environment that triggers motivation and credible efficiency. Incorporating the existing furniture as a part of the scheme, the client desired an immediate representation of the extant office interiors. Overcoming the rigidity of the challenge, the team concocted a layout that blends office ethos with an ingenuine finesse of commercial design.



The overall space is divided into 2 parts: wing A which is dedicated to the business development team and wing B, where the design team works. Based on the genre of job, the interiors revolve around influencing the daily errands of the users. The reception is created out of juxtaposition of a rustic bamboo partition and wooden benches, in compliance with a ceiling created of 18 coloured glass pieces against a subtle grey background. Moving to the workspaces, pivoted around creating a chromatic ambiance, colourfully ethnic suspended lighting are incorporated along with variations of LED. Colour has also been inculcated on the bulky columns with a wrap of custom-made wallpaper. Completely revamped from its original state, the cabin of the MD forms the prime culmination of all spatial colours. A customised desk finished with a bottle green table top drips across various elements with hints of brass edge posing for sovereignty. A custom printed wallpaper forms an elegant milieu to an antique glass chandelier, rendering it as the accentuating facet of the design. The flooring in B wing was another challenge that was overcome by the designers, owing to the usage of differently coloured tiles. The present design scheme includes different shades of laminated wooden flooring that bind the entire work environment with a string of warmth.

B C Webwise, thus, is a coalescence of a formal office ethos blended finely with streaks of colour to supplement the design with vibrant vitality.

Manish Dikshit , Sonali Pandit, Rohit Narkar