Project is in a context hosting Konya Railway Station and historic Bagdat Hotel, having high flow of travelers. Hostel with a theme, in terms of the concept, form and function, is based on its context.

Railroad at the west side, emphasizes the notions of motion and alteration. In today’s our modern world, those notions are irresistibly gaining importance. Thus, in consideration of it, motion and alteration are reinterpreted and brought into spaces.

Train and movement are related with the flow of framed images and the word of Konya is derived from ‘eikon’, basically meaning image. In the light of these thoughts activities as filming, broadcasting, displaying and teaching the theoretical knowledge of them held in the proposed flexible spaces.

Over the rail grid enabling motion, vertical elements systematize it together with the fixed/permanent surfaces. Around the stable elements, movable panels organize the spaces according to need by controlling the volume, light and air entering the space. Paneled and perforated top layer has the same principle. Accommodation unit is carried by the vertical elements extended along the overhead. Locating the functions historic Bagdat Hotel is considered. In the design of the unit, streamlined architecture is studied to enhance the concept.