Beykoz University is a newly established university and it is located in the residential area of Beykoz where the campus is located.
The university area in the village of Mahmut Şevket Paşa in Beykoz, known as the “pearl of Bosphorus, İstanbul”, has a very steep trend in terms of topography.
The architectural concept of new campus master plan's, Beykoz's ecological values and the spatial continuity of the topographic structure reproduces the originality of the dynamic education and living spaces created by the creation of an urban pattern. For this reason, all open, semi-open and closed spaces within the campus are designed according to the orientation and slope of the topography.
An approach has been adopted in which more than 10,000 students are expected to live in the campus rather than a faculty-based plan, so that the space can be used more flexibly. The researcher who has intellectual, environmental awareness, social responsibility consciousness, intellectual accumulation that overlaps with the foundation mission and vision of the university is innovative, entrepreneurial and creative profession It is intended to be a living space for people's education and training.