Kırşehir Aeroplane & Automobile Museum

Kırşehir Aeroplane & Automobile Museum Project is a dynamic complex that e automobile and car components exhibition, educational installations, design centre, office, workshops laboratories, technical laboratories, conference rooms, space for special events, restaurants, retail, sales office,library,book,light,mesh,tool store in the the heart of Kırşehir.
Draws design inspiration from topography movement, as a depends on the requirement of the museum design.

The project not only shows the car in an unusual way, but it also lets you experience the museum
“Car Experience” is a project for a building to be dedicated to the automobile: the car as an object of desire, a world to explore, a technology to study, an article to display and a means to travel around the building.
Here the world of the automobile intersects with the human and organic world creating a new tectonic structure with methods differing from the usual flat open spaces, squares… all on a human scale. Here everything is geared to the automobile – the car is the point of reference. Here one will not find stairs to different floors, walls and elevators, but ramps which wind sinuously upwards creating a fluid conception of space, and where the flux of cars can move freely and reach the different levels of the building.
The visitor enters the museum going up the external spiral and experiencing a rather “extreme” sensation – as the ramp consists of rapid ascents and descents which create an undulating, uneven surface facilitating the exhibition of cars from different angles and enabling the visitor to observe them from either above or below. This alternating movement with its practical yet amusing function creates a corresponding visual effect on the outer facade of the building, which appears as a movement of the topography, adjusted with the requirement of functions, and where each fold is an opportunity to exhibit at a suitable angle the cars which are attached to the inclining floor.
On an overall scale the area tectonically resembles a road, with a structure similar to that of an elevated motorway or a car park, but on a more human scale, the structure is as complex, ergonomic and sophisticated as the interior of a car.
The principal structure of the building is a spiral ramp with a glass partition dividing the exterior from the interior. In the internal part, reserved for pedestrians, the incline is more gradual, whereas the exterior and steeper side is for the transit of cars.
The building’s typology develops sequentially, its structure similar to that of a film where the undisputed protagonist is the automobile. In fact the visitor, as the spectator of a film, is obliged, frame by frame, to follow the physical and psychological route as dictated by the museum’s architect.
A new inter gallery spaces becomes a new event space thanks to the addition of a glass roof which illuminates the space. By making the gallery spaces an internal space, onto which the museum routes face, the visitors are provided with a very natural means of orientation. This provides not only a bridge linking the two bodies but a core at the heart of the project, taking the form of a ‘topographic movement ’, a proven exhibition scheme.



Project Name: Kırşehir Automobile & Aeroplane Museum
Designer: Öznur Pınar Çer
Location of the Project: Kırşehir, Turkey
Status: In Progress
Sit Area: 209,791 m2
Year:2018 -

Öznur Pınar ÇER

Kırşehir Automobile & Aeroplane Museum by MASK ARCHITECTS in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 29. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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