What is the resumption of a ruin? What is the rehabilitation?
The city of ‘’Sinop’’ has developed with its own dynamics throughout the history related to ‘publicness’ and ‘historical’ background of the city are. In our project,rather than boundaries, tangible and intangible connections are constructed through the organization of ‘Sinopale’ which leads to collect memory and gathers people around the city walls that is the core of our design. The abandoned wall is gained a new identity by a ‘path’ on it ,leads people to experience multi-layered historical background of the city by walking on the path,offers several vistas towards the sea. Three main components, ‘city walls, people,sea’ are well connected in the architectural program contains some public spaces such as bridge, study units, workshops, cafe,multi-purpose hall for public usage and Non-Governmental organizations activities. The existing gap on the wall and a gap in between two masses provides a connection between the main square of the city and the backside of the wall. An inner street parallel to the path on the wall also forms an inner garden in the core of the building becomes a focal point in order to experience a space in between old and new architecture



Fulya Yener


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