he Hive @ Sydney, Australia, a pixelation concept housing as a solution in a high density city to solve the rising property price issue in Sydney. The entire architecture is structurally designed in a modular grid system to control the cost of built of every unit.
With the characteristic of having a grid system, the housing are built vertically up with minimal land used and the units are extended horizontally on upper levels. The structures are extended out further vertically and horizontally giving a potential of adding more units for more residents in the future.

The unit plan is developed based on a square and all the units are arranged and stacked to fit in the modular grid. The irregularity arrangement of units created gaps and voids that become a garden and community area for a better living in the city.



In terms of constructions and maintenance, the wall and glass panels are designed to be easily assemble/disassemble and prefabricated in the same dimension not only to increase the speed of construction but also reduce wastage and cost.

Yi Jun Ooi,
Zeen Wei, Hew
Yi Hui, Tan