A new lifestyle residence located in Andorra la Vella, situated in a mesmeric wonderland of pyrenees mountains and pristine white snow: A place to enjoy the fusion of luxury, tradition, nature and future.

DNA continuously seeks to understand how residential buildings can adapt to future needs. We want to create buildings that inspire and delight, and which are responsive to people’s needs.

Inspired by the stratification of rocks, the design of this project makes use of the privileged mountain location by offering each apartment breathtaking panoramic views of Andorra.

DNA combines world-class expertise with a respect for context, whether we’re helping to create a new residential complex in Andorra fully integrated to the environment.



TYPE: Commission
PROGRAM: Residential: 56 luxury apartments
Parking spaces: 7.315 m²
Spa area : 1452.87 m²
SITE: 1.750 m2
BUILT: 13.993 m2
STATUS: In progress