"Jhin parkmall" is a place for everyone to live in, near the mountain park, and has sight from north to the city and from the west to a village hidden in the plain.

My first remembrance when I introduced the idea of ​​a shopping mall, was my shopings in childhood with my family.
The weekly shopping of our home was performed in a place where live music was played there.
And that's why many years later, I'm keen on learning music.
I was given a motivation to learn skills for no extra cost, and today I'm earning money by teaching music.

My definition of the shopping center in this design is not the only place to sell goods from the stores and shops and everyday shopping and seeing people who have come to buy or have fun.
Instead, it can provide an environment for everyone to present their abilities and skills.There are many people who do not have the capability to have a shop and an environment to present their potential and skills, and often hold that skill only for themselves and a few people around them. But at this center, everyone can present themselves, because they all own this center.

The physical plan of the design is defined as being organized at three levels,

Low levels, including foodcourts, Hypermarket, Commercial Stores, Cinema, Open Galleries, Offices, Handicraft Workshops:

The middle level which is in the same level with sidewalk and street, includes various food or industrial public sales which is organized by people or organizations,seating parts , the Plaza;

The high level, which entirely belongs to people, and people can have fun in it, or stand up their stands, or enjoy the flow of people and sightseeing.

People use a technique similar to the tent and pillar set up in building their stands and local people are compeletly familiar with this technique.

Access boxes, including elevators and chambers for guards, have the function of vertical access and security.

And lastly, there are two important elements of this area for the people, namely the fire and the tree, the main living spaces around these two elements, included in the design.

The name of this parkmall, the word "Jhin", in local dialect means "life".