MEDIA is a tool where people can exchange, share and socialize information. The project aims to create a world-class environment for every kind of media business and organization. A place where journalists can improve their skills of media rather than travelling abroad.

This is an attempt to achieve the elements that create an effective work environment. To form something that is more about collaboration rather than isolation. And finally a circuit of interconnected activities which would meet in a process of exchange and collaboration.

With only a few steps from the Open air theater the two blocks are offices for digital media that house studios for live broadcasting or news reading and talk shows. Between these blocks there is a transformation of space surrounded by an envelope of modular offices leading to a cluster of technical and social activities.

Design aims to provide open-plan working environment to encourage high concentrated work areas along with communal activity hub. This large collaborative hub helps an individual for group communication and socialization.
To achieve open-plan working environment every block having a central atrium that chamfers diagonally and broadens the vision as we move upwards.

Less than 30% of ground coverage area implicates that only a few steps from your quite work desk you can participate in the giant collective experience of the central space not only for the people of today but also for the people of tomorrow.

“Media has not just changed the relationship between all of us but it has changed the relationship between us and the buildings”



THE SITE - Insight Media has proposed a third Media hub after the mega media hubs of Dubai and the UK. Site has a Footprint of over 27 acres in the serene village of Maneed, Kerala. The project focus on education and business with a 700 crore global venture.

SUSTAINABILITY- Offices need energy for cooling and spend energy on electric lights. So, how to maximize daylight along with minimizing heat gain?
Maximum angle of sun is 57 degree so every building whose facade was exposed to sun was tilted by an angle from 60 degree - 70 degree. The bending of facade helps to eliminate direct sun at south and west sides and facade exposed at north helps to maximize daylight by north windows.