Over the last few decades there has been an extraordinary effort by healthcare leaders, medical professionals, architects to break the austere effect of healthcare buildings, as well as the common perception that healthcare buildings are depressing and toxic places.This center aims to break this idea by functioning as research, innovation and therapy center. Also, it is not only serve for people who have cardiovascular diseases but also to people who want to increase their overall life quality with the help of the water therapy. The aim is to provide water therapy by collecting rainwater with the system presented above. The therapy system intend to achieve stress management and more aware users by providing breath control. The water tube inside is designed for presentation of nature penetrating into the building, architectural element that provides different light qualities for spaces and for the therapy which act as a transparent element between inside and outside environment.



Research Question:
For overcoming with the problems of long corridors, weak integration
with nature, not felxible plan organisation; in what ways my design
intervention idea of achieving circulation through spatial overlaps of
certain programs and maximizing solid and void relations in section for
allowing integration with nature helps me providing alternative circulation
system for reducing long hours spent in corridors, maximizing integration
with nature?
Since nature is not limited with green environment but also includes water elements, the integration with nature provided by an axis that consist of both greenary and water elements.The axis started with green elements then comes into building by changing it's form as water element and then ends with greenary.
Long corridors and not flexible plan organization problems are tried to solve by providing open, flexible and overlapping spaces. Main circulation is provided by central core.
Solid-void relation is presented as solid parts shown as floors and spaces whereas void part is filled with water.

Ceyda Tekin