The approach of this enthralling office design was to investigate the notion of identity (corporate, organizational and individual) through a young and free-flowing layout for the design team of a smart online property portal of India serving as a driving force; also bringing in the serene lake view of the outdoors inside.


This project is a masterstroke of art depicting a bold statement with vivid use of colours and spatial integrations in Haus Khaz Village- the tinsel town of New Delhi. The basic concept was to create a space that would enable ideal working conditions for staff while also reflecting the company’s dynamic, relaxed and youthful spirit. The lake outside and the greenery was interwoven with the office’s free-flowing barrier-free space on the hunt for more ideas and creations. The spellbinding elements & features- twisting and turning with wide spinal spaces, molecular geometry, ideation wall, informal seating spaces, and clear sightlines ensure that the office retains the sense of being as one integrated space but also allowing for cluster grouping.



The functional diversity and the aesthetic charisma of thought-provoking spaces including themed boardrooms, molecular furniture use at studio spaces, whiteboard walls with open seating spaces, use of suspended lights and the magical clear lined glass façade all throughout, held together with bold colour attributes to the artistry of the whole space summarizing a breakthrough of new generation’s outlook towards art in architecture.

Its visual language acts as an overlay or imprint on the urban built language. It intrepidly uses built volume and urban inserts to increase its visibility or to accent its messaging. Its contribution to urban culture ranges from adding to its chaotic visual cacophony to inspiring its graphical housing art.
The boardrooms are vibrant and motivating, the ideation spaces made of whiteboard accentuate creativity, glass walls create an illusion of space and also help bring the character of the lake and greenery outside indoors, the furniture creates a very relaxed environment with barrier-free movement.