Vehere - An office space for the fastest growing technology firm; revolutionizes Security & Communication Intelligence- funded by the government. Hence, an advanced design project with bespoke solutions from ceiling to walls to lighting scheme to special spaces culminating in a comfortable working environment that promotes happiness and productivity; without compromising on the integrity that it requires.

In this one floor of 8000 sq. ft space; team Chromed puts forward a remarkable concept which accentuates out of the box thinking creating a whole new experience. The brief was to design a barrier-free, open yet interactive space to uplift spirits of a working environment and present a design with clean lines that was a reference to emulate. The brand Vehere has been kept as a focus and the nobility is not compromised.

It is an experimental oasis and a visual interface between the lake close by and indoors creating a metaphor for a moving visual experience accommodating meeting & conference rooms with interesting seating spaces. The entire furniture is procured from various places in China, then reconfigured and transformed to meet the design theory of the space. Lighting is done in-house by the creative team.

Inventive permutations and combinations of placements of spaces illustrate versatility with animal installations depicting inner strength.It is a living commercial modern cyber design in itself!