Concept Description

This proposal for a Education Center in Bahrain aims at underlining the creative identity of the city by enabling it to welcome and host in the same place different forms of expression and productivity The goal is to offer Bahrain’s inhabitants of work modes and practices can bloom together in dynamic ways: individual/group work,
digital/material crafting..

The Education Center also has a role of knowledge exchange. It’s place to think and share. Thus the project favours interdisciplinary dialogue and meetings in order to foster generation of ideas and innovative projects. Open, fluid and modular, the spacial organization allows for a wide array of functions and uses. New directions and oppurtunities for creative thoughts and minds are cultivated actively through provoking serendipity: discoveries or innovations that may occur in unexpected ways through fornute chains of circumstances or research on unrelated topics.

In the pursuit of these goals, this project supplies Bahrain’s creative community with a common space to fill and approprite, like a blank page or a machine whose exact function is to be determined. Morover the coworking space and workshop class are themselves open to multiple use: event space, exhibition gallery, exercise, cinema and more…



EDUCATION CENTER by ömer yeşildal in Bahrain won the WA Award Cycle 30. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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