Favelas are coming from Rio de Janeiro,
Samba is coming from Rio de Janeiro,
Drugs are coming from Rio de Janeiro,
I‘m coming from Germany – Should I meddle with that?

Worldwide we are confronted with megacities and squatter settlement with an extremely high density. To politicians, economists and sociologists these squatters are a nightmare, but artists love it as a treasure chest. I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to see what‘s going on – with my own eyes. The situation is not assumable (unfassbar), but very consumable (hörbar). Theatre, music, movies, (street) art, ... the squatter indwellers did find so many ways to make themselves heard to finally make themselves comfortable in the formal city.
My proposition/my reaction then is subsumable (fassbar): a RadioProductionCentre with satellites, the city furnitures. I wanted to tune (into) the process of intermunicipal communication. >>> music which lead me throughout the whole process became the concept of the whole building.


#The Metrum#

The depots pillars will function for the structure and infrastrucutre. There are equipped with all kind of nets: water, electricity, internet, intranet, water coniditioning.
#The Rhythme# The blue boxes will host the radio production like schooling, mixing, studios. To achieve a private working atmosphere these boxes hang in the second floor. #The Melody# This space is open to anyone and invites anyone to enter like melodies do.



an analysis of music and the favelas of whole Rio de Janeiro lead to the solution of a RadioProductionCentre.
The reuse of the existent OVERDIMENSIONED structure of the storehouse gave all liberty.
The blue boxes have to comfort a working climate and good recording conditions: Since the elevated innercity highway causes a km-wide ground vibration the radio production has a real problem. It is eliminated with a hanging construction in the U-profiles analogue to microphones in studios. A light 3-skin construction blocks normal air sound.

Another point for the light construction is Rios climate: WARM and HUMID. No mass, no cold bridge, no condensation. The relative small studios are supplied with fresh air with the water conditioning system (located on the opening square).

Jula-Kim Sieber


jula-kim sieber

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