The bidding was organized by both the Italian government and the municipality of Florence for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy that will be on the 17th of march 2011.

The construction site was individuated in a historical place very close the “ leopolda” station and the royal park ”del cascino”. The realization of the lyric theatre will be the first step to achieve a hole urban park dedicated just for music.

The project achievement required a polyvalent organism able to offer convenient spaces for musical events. The construction of 2000 seats theatre for lyric and symphonic music was necessary and specially on summer season. The outside theatre is covered by a “Gore-tex” structure witch will be able to protect both artists and spectators from the atmospheric agents.

The scenic Tour was a fundamental element to have a perfect functionality of the theatre. This tour is 38m high from the stage and this was in order to procure an easy moving and changing of the scene.
The high of this tour has also a symbolic effect in a city like Florence majorly characterized by low buildings. It will be the landmark of the theatre. The set design laboratories communicate directly with the stage (750m2) and the street in order to facilitate the transport of merchandises.

The project entry will be possible tanks to the big “promenade” (200m*50m) whitch will present an animated urban place, completely pedestrian and characterized by playing surfaces, green spaces, bicycle paths and a special stone pavement ( the same stone used in the Florence Dome).

At the entry, will be located: the ticket office, coffee shop, library and music shops and these functions will be open for public even on the other days of the week and not only on music show days.

The building is divided in two parts: the public spaces completely transparent and the opaque buildings destined to be dressing rooms, laboratory and deposit.

The center of the public space is the foyer. In fact, it’s entirely made in glasses and easily detected from outside.

The access to the foyer is made possible owing to a stairs system connected to the ovoid auditorium constituted by a double wood skin (Canadian cherry wood), on the half there is the holding structure. The acoustic system is located between the two parts of the wood skin. The false ceilings have a variable structure in order to correct the sound effects according to the music type.

The scenic tour and the theatre walls are made by a double skin of white porcelain steel.
A led light system is provided between the two parts of the skin whitch will compensate the light sun during the day.
The two auditoriums will be seen as two precious jewels in the crystal jewel box pix.



Surfaces: 44.000 m2
Budget: 90.000.000 Euro
Greek theatre 1000 seats
Auditorium 800 seats
Lyric theatre 2000 seats
Outdoor spaces and promenade

DESIGNERS: Lorenzo Accapezzato Architect with “Studio Valle Office”, ItalProgetti s.r.l and A.R.E.S s.r.l