The River Village Apartments project concerns itself with the role of rehabilitated urban rivers and of near-water areas, in the context of two large trends: an increased interest in sustainable interventions and a population exode back towards the cities, livable urban environment becoming again the center of attention along with the urban insula as a collective housing model.

Design goals:
1. Promoting access from and towards the water by improving existing facilities in the area and proposing new destinations.
2. Creating the River Village and Living Downstream
3. The decoding and asimilation of colective housing specific particularities.
4. Focusing on the balance between individuality and comunity, between public and private through the composition of the units and designing a system of public, semi-public, semi-private and private spaces.
5. the determinations through all this goals of a quality oriented living scheme, which can answer the basic social needs of its inhabitants and of the city itself.


47 apatments, 3 to 4 rooms, 160 to 240 square meters, 75 parking spaces in 1 underground level. 5 stories high


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