Architect: Sarbjit Singh Bahga ---

Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) is a regulatory authority for implementing various pollution control laws to provide pollution free and healthy environment to the people of Punjab. To create awareness among the people regarding pollution control and its importance, the Board also conducts seminars, debates and painting competitions from time to time. The PPCB has its headquarters at Patiala, and various regional offices at district headquarters. One such office building is at Sangrur. Office building for the regional office of PPCB at Sangrur is located on a small plot of 835 square metres in the Industrial Focal Point. The plot affords a very advantageous location being roads running on its three sides.
The two-storied building is designed on the principles of ‘less is more’, cubism, simplicity, purity and functionality. This was intended to make it look soothing to the eyes and free from any visual pollution, in consonance with the ideology of the PPCB. By virtue of the minimalist approach in its design, the building stands out of the otherwise chaotic surroundings. The building-form comprises two cuboids placed one above the other. The upper cuboid is larger than the lower one and thus it projects out on all the sides and protects the lower one from the vagaries of weather – the sun and the rain.
The structure is in r.c.c. frame with column-to-column spacing of 6 metres on both the axis, and brick in-fill walls. The framed structure facilitates the flexibility in accommodating the diverse requirements on both the floors. A small part of the lower cuboid has been sliced-out to make way for sunken entrance portico. The structure though is small in size yet its architectonics makes it look bold enough to leave footprints on the sands of modern architecture.