Architect: Sarbjit Singh Bahga, Chandigarh ---

Phillaur is a Tehsil headquarters and a sub division in the state of Punjab. It is situated on Grand Trunk Road, on the north bank of river Satluj, 14 kelometres from Ludhiana. The town is surrounded by a very fertile agriculture land. To handle the large influx of food grains, a new grain market has been developed on the out skirts of the town. It has been planned to provide all modern facilities and amenities to the farmers who visit the market to sell their produce. One such facility is a modern canteen. It is located on a small plot of 14 metres by 14 metres sandwiched between rows of shops on either side. The plot affords a panoramic view of a giant auction yard on its front.
The building with its robust, cuboid structure together with a landscaped plaza on its front, is an important landmark in the market and a hub of many activities. While designing it, the architect seems to have drawn inspiration from Mies-ven-der-rohe’s philosophy of “less is more” and Le Corbusier’s vocabulary of free plan, free façade, and flat parasol roof. The entire structure stands on four r.c.c. pillars which are free from enclosing walls. The indoor seating area and kitchen has been placed at the ground level and a covered seating deck has been provided at upper level. The four r.c.c. pillars pierce through the cuboid at ground level and support a flat parasol roof at the top. This roof projects out of the structure and not only protects it from the heat of the sun but also adds to the grandeur of the building form. The covered deck being open from all sides affords a panoramic view of the auction yard and thus facilitates the farmers to keep an eye on their produce while having a cup of tea.