Investing in a cornish sea facing large site to produce an enjoyable and entertaining shopping experience that is as busy as shopping is with moments of calm recreation thats as calm and as walking by the beach, thats attempted by creating sea-view enjoying 3ed floor veranda cafes and restaurants setting areas thats divided by the entrance atrium to segregate family from male bachelors as its the enforced custom in Saudi Arabia. Also a front plaza adds an outdoor setting thats rarely offered in the hot-humid city but creates new opportunities of interaction at evenings and good weather days.



120,000 Sq.m of floor space, 3 floors mall with multiple day-light-accessible roofed atriums with two devised roofing systems. Sorounded by greenery-framed out-door parking areas.

Abdulelah Ismail ALjabri


Abdulelah ALjabri