Lusalite Arcade & Cultural Center Lusalite : Integrated in the Riverside Plan for Algés - Cruz Quebrada (West Lisbon), the project consists in the rehabilitation and renovation of a well known national tile factory called Lusalite, created in 1930. Located between Cascais Railroad and the River Tagus, the building occupies 10 000 square meters and 2 levels. Due to the urban position, the intervention redesigns the North limits of the factory and the railroad, to unify them; the surrounding areas are designed in order to recreate an ambience of a Forum, relating public space and the water as a theme, taking advantage of Jamor stream. I: As a Consuming place, the creation of a two-storey Arcade with 8 shops and 8 bar/restaurants reinterprets the pre-existing space characteristics, emphasizing the interior and exterior relations which define a circulation scheme that relates the old and the new spaces in a continuum across the levels. II: As an Infraestructural building, in the upper level there is a train station and a Lounge Area with a Bar that explores the relationship between levels and redefined interior properties. III: As a cultural equipment, it explores the Art Factory Concept with a Library, an Open Theater Scene, a Photographic Studio, a Multimedia Laboratory, a Recording Studio, an Events’ Stage, dressing rooms and all the needed technical and administrative dependencies.



Portugal - Oeiras: Cruz Quebrada Lusalite: Rehabilitation: 10 000sq mt - two storey

Fábio Lavareda


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