West Hills Academy is a school designed to accommodate 1200 student school spread over 200 acres of land nestling amongst the foothills of Rajmachi fort about 10km from Khandala. The school is affiliated to the Felsted School, Sussex, UK. The total area of the school is over five lakh square feet. The site can be broadly dived into three zones; academic residential and sports. The academic area forms the core of the school. Twelve academic departments are clustered around a library.

The basic module of the academic zone comprises of a classroom, which is used in various nomenclatures to create central courts, terraces and plinths. All of which together form one faculty department. The clustering of these departments around the library plaza creates the academic zone. Student hostels are scattered along the lower hill slopes, merging with the landscape, creating a village like atmosphere. Staff residences set back into the hill slopes. The entire campus is designed around the terraces of the surrounding hill slopes.


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