The Briza is an independently integrated research resort that overlooks Chaweng beach in Samui Island, established the groundwork for environmental considerations within the context of tourism and hospitality with the ecologically conscious resort of the area. Located within a prime location on the north shore of Samui Islands, consists of 79 guestrooms that rest on uncovered-walkway.

The professional participants brought diverse perspectives and ideas to the topic of ecological and cultural considerations in design. The result was the publication of Guiding Principles of Sustainable Design, which details many of the important aspects of building within an environmentally conscious framework.

The principles applied at Briza were brought together and incorporated at the site to create a resort with simple technologies in a more refined environment as a center for the study of sustainable resort development opened in October of 2007.

The small structures planned for Briza have been built and are separated by an extensive system of raised walkway. Rather than dominated the scenery, they are tucked inside trees, and subsequently blend with the tropical surroundings. Architect needed the buildings to have a small footprint in order to create as little impact as possible. A passive design uses cross-ventilation, overhangs, and landscape shading. The units feature off-the-grid renewable resource energy systems and integrate renewable natural materials. According to architect, Briza’s design illustrates the ways in which a typical villa can be sustainable.



WVK Design Group
Pornsit Rattanasrithai