For many, finding a house of their dream may take times and several tries. But some people manage to secure the dream house with intuitive decision, as if it is destined for them.
In the case of Khiensak and Noppawan, the house of their dream came to them unexpectedly. Looking for a single house, Khiensak who is an architecture lecturer ignored townhouse projects. But when seeing the 224 square meter corner plot which was meant to be a site for a twin townhouse, architect reserved the spatial arrangement on the spot, and immediately started designing the dream-house.
Convincing the project owner to accept and follow his idea of modifying the original twin townhouse plan was not easy, but Khiensak was able to pull through. Hence, the House of Destiny became a reality.
Because the house is meant to welcome many relatives and friends, architect enhanced the interior space with the open plan to widen the given space and fully utilize every area, giving multi-functional features. For instance, the office and drawing corners are situated close to each other, while the living room and dining areas are connected to facilitate users. Walls of the ground floor are painted with various pastel colors to make every spot multihued.
Furniture in the house reflects a fine combination of individual pieces and built-in sets, with hidden corners along the wall. Upstairs are decorate with Swedish pine wood, from the stairs to the beds in all 4 bedrooms. Architect explained that he would like to experiment with the use of Swedish pine wood, as well as other materials used to build the house, such as polished sand surfaces which is lining the floor, because they are robust whilst innovative.
Looking down from upstairs, one will see an opened space that visually connects the second floor with the ground floor. The space not only makes the house roomy and airy, but also gives a sense of connection and closeness to inhabitants. In addition, a large opened channel on the west creates a connecting dimension with the exterior of the house.



Thanakorn Thanormpong
Cho Runglert Group


Khiensak Seangklieng