the ideia behind the movement is the creation of an arquitectural language that makes its presence felt in the spirit of all its inhabitants in every moment experienced of the building, asserting the freedom of its movements by its afinity with the different spaces, where exterior and interior become one, allowing an open and harmonious dialogue around its cultural icon and world reknow moulin rouge, abiding in the conscience of whoever lives the arquitectonic that he is in aplace dedicated to dance.



A double layer of facade, vertically ventilated, alow a natural acclimatization of the large spaces. Tha first exterior curtain, modeller in policarbonate, is translucent and filters the light and heat for the interior. The inside curtain, in glass, conditions and acclimatizes on each floor, can be more or less permeable to tempture and luminosity.
The interior, toghether with the furniture designed, are of wood, a natural raw material witch regulates the acoustics and thermics of the architecture to a confortable level.


Moulin Rouge - Dance School by Joao Mendes in France won the WA Award Cycle 6. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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